15 Hand Embroidered Shorts

15 Hand Embroidered DIY Ideas for Denim

All Embroidery by Socorro Society

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We love a good pair of jeans, jean skirt or jorts. All types of denim actually! Shirts, purses, shoes. backpacks and jackets, we love them all and we love them even more when they are embroidered, even better hand embroidered and even even better if it’s embroidered by YOU. If you are looking for some cute embroidery ideas for your jeans we’ve got you covered!

Below are some of our favorite embroidered denim for your pinning pleasure, listed in no particular order, I give you…

  1. Simple Geometry

Embroidered Purple jean Shorts

Everyone with a needle and thread can make triangles along the hem or pockets of your shorts or pants! Switch between two colors or pick as many or as little as you like. The real customization is in the thread colors you use.

2. Your Favorite Song Lyrics

Boy Bye Embroidered shorts

Middle fingers up, put them hands high
Wave it in his face, tell him, boy, bye
Tell him, boy, bye, middle fingers up
I ain't thinking 'bout you

3. Keep It Mermaid

mermaid embroidered skirt

Mermaids are real, I am actually Ariel, don’t worry about it. Chain stitch text and some see shells, and star fish are the perfect addition to the quintessential summer outfit.

4. Rep your favorite meal


You better watch out, lookin’ like a snack in these Dessert Dreaming embroidered shorts! Who doesn’t love sweets?!

5. It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

rose all day embroidery

Any time is the right time for some Rose, or frose, or any kind of libation. Let everyone know where you stand with this cute and custom embroidery.

6. Warning signs

Embroidered jean jacket

Under the collar is one of the best places to sneak some embroidery! I embroidered Trouble on my favorite jean jacket, but I like to let people know what they’re working with if they provoke me ;)

7. No Caption Necessary

fuck off embroidery

8. Don’t Be a Prick

Don't Be a Prick Embroidery

Attention all Cat Callers, you can step off!! This super cute embroidery would be perfect on shorts, bags and even sweat shirts!

9. Can’t Touch This

Can't Touch This Embroidery

Keeping with our cactus theme we have another cute idea that not only will get a “yasssss” or “awe", cute!” it’ll also let everyone know you are not to be messed with. win/win.

10. Smoke it if ya got it

maryjane embroidery shorts

These were a fun commission of mine a few years ago. 420 friendly people unit! There is no shame in your refer game, if you’re into that. If you’re not, be cool no ones hurting anyone.

11. Cactus Vest

cactus embroidered jean vest

Jean vests are cool. They’re even cooler with some cacti friends hanging out.

12. Personalize It


Scrap pieces are easy to embroider on!! We turned some scraps into purses and embroidered our names on them because it’s cute, and so we wouldn’t get them mixed up. Parent win!

13. Emoji Madness

emoji embroidered jean skirt

One of our favorite pieces that we’ve embroidered to date is this skirt with emojis all over it. East to embroider, immediately recognizable and adorbs.

14. Own Your Nickname

cochina embroidered jean shorts

Was there that one thing your mom always called you that is supposed to be bad, but you’re BAAAD so you own it? yeah, us too.

15. Sunflower Power

sunflower embroidered shorts

Low output, big reward. A sunflower is a super easy addition to any pocket. Wear your happiness on the outside as well as inside.