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Learn Embroidery Basics: Back Stitch

The back stitch is one of the most versatile and easy embroidery stitches to use and learn. Once mastered you can embroider just about anything! It might not be the most impressive stitch up close, but you can use this one stitch to transfer works of art onto clothing, jackets, bags, shoes or any other fabric that you can get your needle through.

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15 Hand Embroidered Shorts

We love a good pair of jeans, jean skirt or jorts. All types of denim actually! Shirts, purses, shoes. backpacks and jackets, we love them all and we love them even more when they are embroidered, even better hand embroidered and even even better if it’s embroidered by YOU. If you are looking for some cute embroidery ideas for your jeans we’ve got you covered!

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