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15 Hand Embroidered Shorts

We love a good pair of jeans, jean skirt or jorts. All types of denim actually! Shirts, purses, shoes. backpacks and jackets, we love them all and we love them even more when they are embroidered, even better hand embroidered and even even better if it’s embroidered by YOU. If you are looking for some cute embroidery ideas for your jeans we’ve got you covered!

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A Small Business Journey: Stumbling Into Sustainable Fashion

Our story started before sustainable fashion became a more known idea. We were always sustainable in the sense that we sold and refashioned vintage clothing. Clothing that came from thrift stores or we rescued from the literal mountains of clothing piles in warehouses on the border of Texas and Mexico where you can buy clothing by the pound. There are some good clothes to find in there, but boy howdy do they make ya work for that stuff! It wasn’t until I was swimming in a pile of clothing did it really sink in that there was a MAJOR problem with textile waste on this planet, and that I was determined to find a way to make a small difference.

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