Learn Embroidery Basics: Back Stitch

Learn How To Embroider - Back Stitch

flawless embroidery free patter

The back stitch is one of the most versatile and easy embroidery stitches to use and learn. Once mastered you can embroider just about anything! It might not be the most impressive stitch up close, but you can use this one stitch to transfer works of art onto clothing, jackets, bags, shoes or any other fabric that you can get your needle through.

For this tutorial we will learn the back stitch basics. If you need a guide on the Tools of the Trade you can visit my blog post here, where I list some of my favorited embroidery tools and a complete guide of what you will need to get started. I have made a FREE downloadable pattern that has three different examples of how you can use just one stitch to bring new life into your clothing. All you have to do it print them out and use your favorite transferring method to get the design onto your clothing. Find an article on Methods for Transferring Embroidery Patterns from The Spruce Crafts here. I choose to trace my designs with a heat transfer pen (find the two I used and why here).

Learn how to back stitch!

This stitch is quick and easy. Once you master it you can achieve any design you’d like. Below you’ll find our step-by-step guide on how get started. Already know how to back stitch? Print out our free pattern that you can print and transfer onto your own clothing!! I can’t wait to see how you use the pattern!

Learn the basic of embroidery - Back Stitch, with this quick and easy video. Supplemental instructions and free pattern found at SocorroSociety.com

Above, you’ll find a quick a easy to follow video using the same numerical method that I use the infograph (below). Use both to learn how to master this stitch.

Socorro Society Back Stitch Embroidery for Beginners Infographic

Socorro Society Back Stitch Embroidery for Beginners Infographic

Back Stitch Tips

  1. When embroidering small text or detailed images keep your stitches small. You will keep curves and fine details clear and sharp with small consistent stitches.

  2. At it’s most basic, outline and an image all in black thread and create a simple piece of wearable art, or follow the hem of our jeans with solid lines in different colors for in interesting and unique detail.

  3. If you want to embroidery on t-shirts or thin material use stabilizer and transfer pen or light box. For beginners, I do not recommend free hand drawing on thin or t-shirt material. Trust me, just don’t. A light box, or transfer pen is the way to go.

  4. Use 6 strands for larger areas and lines, and split the thread into 2-3 strands for more detailed work and text on shirts or shoes, etc.


Below are some of my favorite embroidery artist who use back stitch to create unique wearable art.

1. DELICIOUS MONSTERA TEA- Personalized hand embroidered t-shirts. You can find all her amazingness on her website and Instagram.

2. No No Naked Denim- AJ Morgan is the queen up embroidering Converse. You’ve probably seen some of her work and never knew it was her. Find her on Etsy and instagram.

3. Township31 - Arwyn’s work is so inspiring. Her artistic point of view elevates everything she does into instant works of art. Find her on instagram


Let’s Get Started on Our FREE PDF Pattern

Below is our printable FREE patter to use on your own clothing. Download and print the PDF, and scroll down for instructions on how to use the three pieces. Tag us in your projects!! We can’t wait to see what y’all do.

FREE Back Stitch for Clothing Embroidery PDF

FREE Back Stitch for Clothing Embroidery PDF

embroidered jumpsuit- embroidery tutorial

I have made pattern with 3 simple designs for you to transfer or trace onto your clothing. I have a border design, simple repeating pattern that is an easy wardrobe reviver. There is also a template for some FLAWLESS embroidery that will upgrade that favorite tee perfectly, and last there is a third eye design for all the protection from ojo and bad vibes.



This simple border design is the perfect upgrade for the cuffs of pants or sleeves. I picture it also being really cool down the sides of some pants or jeans like a tuxedo pant, or you can do what I did and embroider the button side of a button up shirt or jumpsuit.

Directions- cut out the pattern along the lines creating a strip. Transfer or trace the pattern onto our own clothing. moving the pattern over and repeating until the ends meet or your fabric runs out and embroider. Start at the end of one point and make a stitch into the center, repeat.

Embroidered jumper


I have added some small cursive text in my hand writing for you use on all of your stuff!! You can transfer FLAWLESS as many times as you want to what ever you want. Bags, fanny packs, hats, shoes, shirts. Put it somewhere really hidden and have a little reminder that you SLAY or where it loud and proud and let everyone know. The choice is yours.

Directions- You’ll notice that the text is given both forwards and backwards, this is so that you’ll be able to trace it onto light materials with a light box or by using a window. I have also reversed the word FLAWLESS because if you are going to use a transfer pen you will want to use the reverse word so when you flip it over and iron onto your fabric is reads correctly, pictured.

To embroider text simply follow your line and embroider the text just as you would write it. Remember to keep the stitches small so that every small curve is legible.

flawless embroidery tutorial


One can never have enough protection so I have included this Third Eye design so that you can embroider this symbol of protection anywhere you might need it.

Directions- Cut out the design and trace or transfer onto clothing. Outline and embroider every line in one color or multiple colors, artist choice!

eye embroidery free pattern

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